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OFO Releases Updated Community Needs Assessment

Opportunities for Otsego Releases Updated Community Needs Assessment

10.04.2023 - Oneonta, New York

The Board of Directors at Opportunities for Otsego approved a motion to accept the 2023 Otsego County Community Needs Assessment at its September meeting. This is the fourth comprehensive report developed by the agency since 2011.

Community Services Block Grant, one of Opportunities for Otsego’s core funding sources, requires organizations to conduct a needs assessment every three years. The report analyzes key issues in Otsego County, including population trends, demographics, and poverty as it relates to employment, education, housing, nutrition, income, transportation, health, wellness, and safety.

Findings from this assessment guide agency planning and help formulate outcome-based strategies to address the causes and conditions of poverty in Otego County. Over the years, Opportunities for Otsego’s Community Needs Assessment has become a valuable research and planning tool for organizations, businesses, and local government.  

“Going forward Opportunities for Otsego plans to update this document on an annual basis as opposed to every three years,” Dan Maskin, Chief Executive Officer said. “Data changes rapidly and it is part of Opportunities for Otsego’s mission to keep the community as informed as possible about the issues facing poor individuals and families in Otsego County.”

An electronic version of the needs assessment is available for download in the website Press Room