Our mission

The leader in developing innovative solutions that promote healthy lives, thriving families, and caring communities.

About OFO

Annually, Opportunities for Otsego serves over 2,500 individuals from approximately 1,700 households from communities all across Otsego County.

Opportunities for Otsego is a Community Action Agency that has been actively fighting the "War on Poverty", based on President Lyndon B. Johnson’s ideals, since 1966 in Otsego County, New York. The Agency focuses its attention on specific problems affecting the community, mobilizes resources, and creates solutions to unlock opportunities for low-income individuals and disenfranchised families. Opportunities for Otsego helps alleviate poverty and fosters self-sufficiency through comprehensive and holistic client-centered services.

Agency Vision

Our preferred future is a community that strives to alleviate poverty through collaborations that foster economic stability and social justice.

Leadership Team

Met our Senior Management staff and Board of Directors


While Opportunities for Otsego is recognized as Otsego County's primary provider of services to low-income and disenfranchised individuals, our effectiveness is a reflection of the extent of our community partnerships and linkages. In addition to collaborations with various community partners, Opportunities for Otsego is affiliated with a variety of national, state, and regional associations.