The number of people benefiting from OFO services in 2021.

Our Reach

Opportunities for Otsego has been an important part of our community and instrumental in improving the lives of low-income families in Otsego County since 1966. From homelessness to domestic violence, from sexual assault to home energy improvements, from early childhood education to supplemental nutrition, Opportunities for Otsego has lead the charge in developing innovative solutions that promote healthy lives, thriving families and caring communities.

Over the years the face of poverty has changed, and during these difficult economic times, the problems faced by low-income households have multiplied. Most families served by Opportunities for Otsego are employed and struggling to make ends meet. They work in our supermarkets, school districts, local businesses and local governments and are the backbone of our community.

During the period October 2020 through September 2021, Opportunities for Otsego assisted 3,021 individuals encompassing over 1,500 households from communities across all of Otsego County..

Our Impact

A summary of client outcomes achieved through the support of OFO programs:

  • 79 homeless households were provided emergency housing through OFO’s homeless and domestic violence shelters.
  • 23 homeless attained permanent housing.
  • 216 victims of interpersonal violence had their safety assured by receiving emergency legal assistance.
  • 93 households had lower energy costs, increased disposable income and improved health as a result of installation of energy efficiency and weatherization measures.
  • 264 low-income children were gifted new winter coats.
  • 491 caregivers exhibited improved parenting skills and family functioning.
  • 1,143 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers exhibited positive growth and development through access to healthy food and nutrition education.
  • 195 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers were up-to-date on recommended medical screenings, dental care, and immunizations.
  • 60 preschoolers were deemed developmental ready to begin kindergarten after participation in Head Start and UPK.

During FY2021, Opportunities for Otsego was awarded additional funding to enhance responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Funds from the CARES Act ensured uninterrupted services to families and helped implement strategies to meet basic needs and address the social, emotional, and overall well-being of individuals and families. Outcomes realized under CARES:

  • 130 households were provided support,assistance, and referrals for matters directly related to COVID-19.
  • 51 households had their transportation, home utility, and food security needs met.
  • 42 individuals gained access to mental health care.
  • 10 households were counseled on their housing rights and referred to legal services.
  • 14 adults were provided career counseling and assisted with a job search.
  • 10 unemployed adults earned certification for careers in construction, weatherization and home energy conservation field.

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