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Oneonta Head Start, River Street

Head Start believes that parents and guardians are a child’s first and best teacher and that you play a vital role in your child’s development and success.  We encourage you to interact in all aspects of your child’s experience in the program and to take advantage of opportunities such as field trips, parent groups, home visits, and policy council. Our staff - teachers, family partners, bus drivers, cooks and specialist - are here to support not only your child, but also your family, on the journey to a successful transition to kindergarten.

Oneonta River Street Teaching Team
Name Title Contact Information
Andrea B. Center Director 607.432.5313 ext.1
Amber E. Classroom Teacher 607.432.5313 ext.102
Colleen M. Assistant Teacher 607.432.5313 ext.102
Eileen G. Assistant Teacher 607.432.5313 ext.102
Lisa Z-M Classroom Teacher 607.432.5313 ext.103
Mackenzie V. Assistant Teacher 607.432.5313 ext.103
Rosemary C. Assistant Teacher 607.432.5313 ext.103
Stacie M. EHS Classroom Teacher II 607.432.5313 ext. 104
Alexandra B. EHS Classroom Teacher I 607.432.5313 ext. 104
Jonelle G. EHS Center Associate  607.432.5313 ext. 104
Colleen U. Center Associate 607.432.5313
Ralph E. Center Associate 607.432.5313
Patty B. Bus Driver 607.432.5313
Jason B. Food Service Supervisor 607.432.5313 ext. 4
Stefanie A. Family Partner 607.432.5313


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