The number of people benefiting from OFO services in 2017.

Our Reach

Opportunities for Otsego has been an important part of our community and instrumental in improving the lives of low-income families in Otsego County since 1966. From homelessness to domestic violence, from sexual assault to home energy improvements, from early childhood education to supplemental nutrition, Opportunities for Otsego has lead the charge in developing innovative solutions that promote healthy lives, thriving families and caring communities.

Over the years the face of poverty has changed, and during these difficult economic times, the problems faced by low-income households have multiplied. Most families served by Opportunities for Otsego are employed and struggling to make ends meet. They work in our supermarkets, school districts, local businesses and local governments and are the backbone of our community.

During the period October 2016 through September 2017, Opportunities for Otsego assisted 2,554 individuals encompassing 1,724 households from communities across all of Otsego County.

Our Impact

A summary of client outcomes achieved through the support of OFO programs:

  • 3 adults were able to maintain employment through vehicle repair assistance and access to reliable transportation.
  • 597 children and adults obtained access to medical and dental care by obtaining health insurance.
  • 160 households obtained and maintained safe, affordable housing.
  • 127 housing units were preserved and had improved home-energy efficiency through construction, weatherization, and rehabilitation.
  • 6 low-income households purchased their first home and made necessary improvements to address blighted conditions. 
  • 158 at-risk households received rent/mortgage assistance to prevent homelessness.
  • 249 homeless individuals received emergency, temporary shelter.
  • 230 victims of violence were protected and realized safety through counseling, advocacy and shelter.
  • 393 children were up-to-date on age-appropriate immunizations, medical, and dental care through access to ongoing case management and home visiting services.
  • 1,144 infants and children had improved health and physical development through health and dietary assessments, nutrition education, and supplemental food.
  • 95 households received seasonal food assistance.
  • 352 three and four year old children developed school-readiness skills though participation in pre-school activities.
  • 137 children who participated in pre-school activities were developmentally ready to enter Kindergarten.
  • 748 families exhibited improved parenting skills and family functioning through goal setting and increased problem solving skills.

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